Amazing Race

Amazing Race Summary

Enjoyment Factor: 9/10

Teamwork Rating: 9/10

Leadership Opportunity: 10/10

Age Range: 14+

Activity Time: 2.5 hours (Variable)

Set Up Time: 1 Hour

Equipment Requirements: Medium



What is Amazing Race?

Amazing race is without doubt one of my all time favourite team building activities. For years at camp a specified time block for team building had always been groups going from one activity to another completing challenges such as balance log activities, human knots and crossing the river (all are listed in standard activities if those names don't ring a bell). While the activities all certainly have merit I always felt that there must be a more cohesive way to get more out of the event. A way to encourage the teams to really try and succeed at each activity, a reason to get across a lava river without your feet getting burned! Amazing race was that brainchild.

The primary reasoning behind Amazing Race was to create an activity that encouraged a group of people to immediately get to know each other, discussing what they are good at and where they are not as strong. It was an activity I always like to use on the first night of camp as it gave the group an opportunity to get to know each other while working on a focused activity. The game promotes leaders to recognise what they are good at and have the confidence to put their hand up and say they are good at it. The whole group was split into teams of 8-10 people depending on total numbers and then each group was assigned a mentor. The teams are then given a list of challenges to complete with each requiring a different number of people to participate and each worth a different amount of points. 


Why You Should Play Amazing Race

Amazing race incorporates traditional key elements of team building activities: it encourages communication, decision making under pressure and creative problem solving. What makes Amazing Race so beneficial, however, is it adds a whole new dimension of leadership development beyond the traditional elements in giving the teams total independence on managing their success. The intended learning outcomes are:

1.     Encourage individual team members to be open and honest about their strengths and weaknesses and how they believe they can best contribute to the team.

2.     Creating a plan that utilises the strengths of the team to their maximum potential in the most efficient manner possible.

3.     Adapt a plan while in a high-pressure situation while still working towards the goal of maximizing the positive outcome for the team.



  • Detailed instructions describing everything you need to know to successfully run Amazing Race.
  • Sample team handout that can be customised to fit the requirements of your intended learning outcomes and available equipment.
  • Comprehensive debriefing outline as well as a tracking form for mentors to continually update the progress of the teams throughout the activities.
  • An incredibly fun and easy to run activity that works brilliantly for camp groups as well as in staff training and leadership groups in the off season. 


For a complete set of instructions of everything you need to know in order to run Amazing Race, download the following PDF: Amazing Race

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