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The aim of Youth Leadership Resources is a simple one: Put the best activities in the hands of those who create the most impact with them. Youth Workers and Camp Staff continually create and expand on wonderful activities and programs that are all aimed towards youth development. This platform is looking to create the bridge between those brilliant ideas and other youth workers across the globe. For all the past and present workers who have programs wilting on their hard drives then YLR is the solution.

Youth Leadership Resources is the perfect platform for you to share your original youth group activities. If you have created an activity that you believe would be an excellent addition to the resources of other camps and leadership groups then Youth Leadership Resources allows you to make the most of it. YLR gives worldwide access to your team building and leadership activities and makes it easy for you share your activities. YLR makes it fast and easy for your activities to start having an impact on a much wider scale. And don't worry all material will be fully credited to the original source, so tell your peers when you post!

Why Should You Choose Youth Leadership Resources?

  • Hassle free opportunity to benefit from your creativity.
  • Simply create a downloadable file with everything you need to run the activity and Youth Leadership Resources takes care of everything else.
  • Contributors can provide as many activities as they desire.
  • With the best activities being made available to everyone, campers everywhere benefit from new and exciting programming.

How do you get involved?

Youth Leadership Resources makes it as easy as possible for you to begin marketing your activities. 

Step One: Decide what your favourite and most engaging and impactful activity is.

Step Two: Fill out the form below, giving an outline of your activity. We will get back to you within 1-3 business days requesting the necessary details describe your product. Activities classed as standard activities can be easily described in a page. Premium Activities are typically more geared towards being evening programs or large scale rainy day activities. For premium activities a brief description of the highlights is given and then a link to a downloadable pdf.

Step Three: Once we have all the information necessary to describe your activity, it will go live and the camping community will benefit from your creativity.

Step Four: Let your peers know you have posted an activity. It is really helpful for using the activity if you have people who have tried and tested leave helpful tips in the comment section.

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