Cardboard regatta extreme


Cardboard regatta extreme summary

Enjoyment Factor: 8/10

Teamwork Rating: 9/10

Leadership Opportunity: 7/10

Age Range: 12+

Activity Time: 2-3 Hours

Set Up Time: 45 Minutes

Equipment Requirements: High

Indoor/Outdoor (Requires access to water)


what is cardboard regatta extreme?

Cardboard Regattas are a wonderfully fun activity for big groups where the teams are tasked with building a boat out of cardboard and then racing it against their competitors. Cardboard Regatta Extreme takes its roots in a standard regatta but with the build phase requiring a whole new dimension of teamwork and the competition will be much more of a challenge!  Teams are given a bare minimum set of supplies - enough to build a very small boat and only just at that. They then have the option of 'buying' more equipment through completing a series of challenges. The catch, however, is that for challenges not completed successfully they will incur a penalty which will be imposed during race time. Furthermore the competition section is not just a set race but a series of racing challenges where after each round the teams have five minutes repair time in which they can use any extra supplies they have left from the build to improve their boats further or to make much needed repairs!


why you should play cardboard regatta extreme

Cardboard Regatta Advanced takes what is a classic and fun activity and revolutionises it to make a brilliant leadership development and team building exercise. The teams must work together in designing and building their boat but also incorporate earning additional supplies while balancing the risk of not completing challenges. The intended learning outcomes of the activity are:

1.     Work as a team to balance the potential benefit of gaining extra supplies with the risk of facing a forfeit for not completing a challenge.

2.     To delegate roles throughout the construction phase so that each member of the team is able to provide valuable input.

3.     Create and execute a plan while overcoming obstacles.


what do you get?

  • Detailed instructions describing everything you need to know to successfully run Cardboard Regatta Extreme.
  • Detailed building material, challenge suggestions, forfeits and race competition selections.
  • Comprehensive debriefing outline.
  • An incredibly fun and easy to run activity that works brilliantly for camp groups as well as in staff training and leadership groups in the off season. 


To get a full set of instructions containing everything you need to know to run Cardboard Regatta Extreme, download the free PDF file: Cardboard Regatta Extreme

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