Construction Challenge


Construction Challenge summary

Enjoyment Factor: 8/10

Teamwork Rating: 8/10

Leadership Opportunity: 8/10

Age Range: 12+

Activity Time: 1.5 hours (Variable)

Set Up Time:  30 Minutes

Equipment Requirements: Medium



what is construction Challenge?

Construction Challenge is an excellent activity for encouraging creative problem solving while also forcing a team to deal with a strong element of time pressure.  Construction Challenge is a 90-minute activity where teams of up six people are racing to complete as many construction challenges as possible with the limited supplies they have been given. Each of the teams is given a basic supply kit and then tasked with designing and building four separate objects within the time limit. The teams have total control over their own success from designing the different objects to dividing the resources they have and managing the time spent on each project.

Additionally it can be put together very quickly so even if it is not a planned activity it works excellently on a rainy day while still providing great discussion points and learning outcomes. As with many activities on this site it has been designed so that it can be totally customised to highlight specific teamwork or leadership characteristics as well as being flexible enough in adapting to variations in available equipment. Construction Challenge immediately has participants fully focused on the task at hand, developing leadership skills and creative problem solving all while having a huge amount of fun.


Why You Should Play construction Challenge

This activity presents a wonderful intellectual and problem solving aspect that allows participants who perhaps don't excel as much in some of the other more physically demanding leadership activities to really come to the front.The intended learning outcomes are:

  1. To highlight the value of a team setting aside time at the beginning of a challenge to create a planned approach, even while under time pressure, without rushing straight into action.

  2. How to successfully delegate tasks and allocate resources in order to maximise the benefit for the whole team.

  3. To encourage honest communication within a team under pressure, particularly while sub groups of a team must compete for scarce resources.

Construction Challenge is a great activity for incorporating mental problem solving challenges and as such brings balance to a developmental program that has activities with a strong physical element. It allows team members that perhaps don't excel as much in some of the other more traditional physically demanding leadership activities the chance to really come to front, all while demonstrating the characteristics that make a successful team.


what do you get?

  • Detailed instructions describing everything you need to know to successfully run Construction Challenge.
  • Sample team handout that can be customised to fit the requirements of your intended learning outcomes and available equipment.
  • Comprehensive debriefing outline.
  • An incredibly fun and easy to run activity that works brilliantly for leadership development groups as well as for unique and exciting rainy day activities.


For a complete set of instructions on everything you need to know in order to run Construction, download the following free PDF: Construction Challenge

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