Empire Summary

Enjoyment Factor: 10/10

Teamwork Rating: 10/10

Leadership Opportunity: 10/10

Age Range: 14+

Activity Time: 2.5 hours (Variable)

Set Up Time: 1 Hour

Equipment Requirements: Medium



What is empire?

Empire is a multi-layered activity game played out over the course of 2 hours. It has been designed to be engaging and fun right from the start. Teams are briefed with a carefully scripted ‘disaster scenario’ in which they have to start making decisions immediately; from collecting resources to deciding how they are going to operate as a team - called governance style. As the plot develops, the teams soon realize a number of things: everyone is important and has a contribution and their success depends on getting the most out of every member of the team. A second realization is that their team is not the only one. There are other teams who want what they have. How they cope with the developing events effectively replicates real life scenarios.


Building an empire

I have had the chance to play on a number of occasions with different age ranges and each time I have learned something new.
— Fraser M.

In a whirlwind of activity, harmonizing communication, risk and strategy, one team will emerge as creators of the greatest Empire. In reality though, all the teams and all the individuals within the teams come away from their adventure as more balanced leaders; with greater awareness of their qualities and strengths and the knowledge of how to further develop. The debrief at the end consolidates the learning outcomes from the activity, whether that be individual leadership characteristics or the fact that all team members have a pivotal role to play. It is not always the team that wins that has travelled the furthest or made the biggest transition. The debriefing stage of Empire creates further an excellent platform from which to tailor future discussions and activities aimed at specific aspects of teamwork and leadership.


Why Should You Run Empire?

People who take part in Empire are going to come away from the experience as changed individuals. They will learn valuable lessons about themselves, their unique contribution and their inner potential that will form a permanent and lasting foundation throughout their future development.As a leader, you have a number of important considerations to balance. It is important to craft your style around the characteristics that allow you to excel, while recognizing elements in need of development. Empire is unique in that it consistently delivers universal principles that all leaders strive to impart:

·      Individual development and self awareness,

·      Confidence,

·      Communication

·      Teamwork.

While also allowing participants to discover more about how they can continue to progress their own personal development. It has been extensively tested in an environment exactly like yours and has a proven track record of doing exactly what it promises.


The creator of Empire has extensive experience of working with individuals and groups and developed this concept over many years of improving and refining the various elements. Parents and guardians want to give their loved ones every opportunity they can to succeed in the world today.  In numerous ways, the gameplay simulates many of the challenges faced in everyday life – you could say, ‘the real world’. Each individual is truly unique and has their own aspirations.  What Empire does so effectively is help each person to gain awareness of their own abilities and from that, maximize the potential of their unique strengths. It equips them with a set of tools and life-skills that will help them make better, more effective and appropriate choices for the rest of their lives.



For a complete set of instructions, including all of the handouts required to run Empire then please download the following free PDF file: Empire

Source Note: Empire is a fantastic activity for both campers and counsellors, it is however quite time consuming to set up the kit to run the activity for the first time. We offer a pre-made kit which will be sent to you with everything you need in order to run Empire as part of the Empire Activity Pack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Empire Activity Pack more than once?

Definitely. The Activity Pack allows you play Empire week after week and since it includes a digital copy of all the handouts, if any become lost or damaged it is easy to print off another copy.

What age range is best for Empire?

Empire has many interconnected challenges happening in quick succession as such it can be harder for the younger campers to get the most out of the game. Empire is recommend for groups age 14+ with older groups benefiting the most from the various elements.

How many participants can play Empire at once?

Empire can be played with anywhere from 10 participants to 60. Ideally teams will have 6-8 players.

Can you play Empire with the same group more than once?

There is a huge amount of value to be had from using Empire as a leadership and team working evaluation tool at the beginning and end of a development program. 



Empire is one of the most interesting, unique, and impacting team building games that I have led or taken part in. The activity involves countless moving parts and forces each team to reach an agreement on a common goal, delegate tasks to each team member, and work towards achieving that goal. It is unique in that it requires a massive team effort, not because only a few participants can talk or that a few participants are blind-folded, but because it has so many moving parts each of which are crucial to team’s success. This requires teams to utilize effective delegation and communication techniques to achieve success in a way that I have not seen any other team building activity achieve.
— Wesley Fogg, Aquatics Director - YMCA Camp Cullen Texas
Empire is the perfect way to teach leadership and teamwork to any age in a fun and engaging way. I have had the chance to play on a number of occasions with different age ranges and each time I have learned something new. It is easy to see roles here for the loud and commanding, the quiet and calculated, and everything in between. When playing with a group of campers, I saw groups of 5-6 banding together in excited discussion about what strategy they would choose to play with. This is where those who took interest in calculation and planning would excel before their plan was put to action. Once the game was underway the more active in each of the groups could get to work using their strengths to put their plan into play. Throughout the game, each member can see the benefit of their teammates strengths, especially ones they may have earlier underplayed. The typical team choice of picking only strong and athletic doesn’t work here, yet neither does a purely intellectual team. Campers who would typically not appreciate each other’s strengths learned how to use them to the advantage of the group as a whole. On the occasions I have played I have been both physically and mentally challenged, but have always finished with an appreciation of how each individual has a part to play. Empire is not only fantastic fun, but provides an unparalleled opportunity to instil key leadership and team working values in those who need it most.
— Fraser MacSporran, (Former) Assistant Water Director - YMCA Camp Silver Beach Texas
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