Hula Hoop Game

Enjoyment Factor: 7/10

Teamwork Rating: 6/10

Leadership Opportunity: 6/10

Age Range: 8+

Activity Time: 20 Minutes

Set Up Time: 5 Minutes

Equipment Requirements: Low



This game was first introduced to me by a great friend and great leader Ross Barnes on one of my first days working as a counsellor. After years of team building activities it is one that has stuck out and I really quite enjoy.

the idea

Split your group into four teams, ideally small numbers like 2-3 people in each team. Once you have your teams, give each of them a hula hoop and have them go to the corner of a square you have market out that has sides of roughly 20m. They place their hoop on the ground and in the centre there is a hoop full of tennis balls. The aim of the game is for the teams to get all of the balls in their hoop but there are progressive steps.

what you need

  • Five hula hoops - one for each team and one for the centre of the square.
  • About 40 tennis balls or other similar objects.

the method

  1. For the first round the rules are that you can only send one person at a time and they are only allowed to carry one ball at a time. Quickly all of the balls in the middle will be empty and the teams will have a roughly even number in their own hoops with no one being the winner.
  2. For the next round it is the same process but now they are allowed to carry more than one ball at a time.
  3. For the third round they are allowed to carry more than one ball at a time, both be collecting at the same time and take balls from other peoples hoops. This will cause a lot of chaos with people running everywhere and eventually getting tired with a  rough equilibrium remaining.
  4. For the final round al of the previous applies but they are now also allowed to throw tennis balls.

After all of this running around, everyone will be tired but no one will have managed to get all of the balls in their hoop. The key is if no one takes any of the balls from the middle but each team picks up their hula hoop and places it over the hula hoop in the middle. Thus everyone has all of the balls in their hoop. Cheesy yes I know but it is good for demonstrating how easy it is to get caught up looking for individual success whereas working together as a team can produce the result far more quickly and efficiently.

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