Human Spider Web Game

Enjoyment Factor: 6/10

Teamwork Rating: 7/10

Leadership Opportunity: 6/10

Age Range: 11+

Activity Time: 20 Minutes

Set Up Time: 30 Minutes

Equipment Requirements: Medium



This is another well known game that has permanent set ups at many outdoor centres. Set up wise it is good because it does not require much equipment but it is, however, time-consuming to have it set up just the way you want it. 

the idea

Using string and two posts or trees that are around 6-8m apart create a spider web. The holes in the web should be big enough for a person to fit through but varying in size and at all different heights. The team must then get everyone from one side to the other with the catch that once a person has gone through a hole it is closed off and cannot be used by anyone else. As you would expect it is easy for the holes that are near the ground but becomes more difficult as less and less holes are available. If a person touches the web at any point then the team must start again.

what you need

  • String: Something sturdy that can have tension applied i.e. twine.
  • Two posts or trees that ideally around 6-8m apart - If you are using large groups of ten people or more then a shorter distance results in more holes being in difficult to reach places. 

what you need to know

  • There is a safety element to this activity which does not appear in a lot of the other activities. If you design the web so that some of the holes will require someone being lifted through then there is the possibility of the team dropping someone.
    • As an adjudicator you must make sure that all lifts are being carried out safely with no possibility of a person being dropped. It is worth being close at hand so that if the team is not prepared you are immediately ready to step in.
  • The wider you make the web and the bigger the holes the easier it will be with the converse of it becoming more difficult with smaller holes and a narrower and thus higher web holding true.
  • Again it is good to test out this activity before trying it on groups to make sure that it is at least possible to get from one side to the other! But also to make sure it is not to easy.

learning outcomes

  • This activity provides a physical metaphor for the value in having different strengths within you team i.e. a range of sizes and levels of physical strength are needed within the team to get from one side to the other.
  • A good method of developing trust, similar to a trust fall, where member soy the team are entrusting their physical safer when going through higher openings to the planning and concentration of their team.
  • As always - communication is key!
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