Magic Shoes

Enjoyment Factor: 6/10

Teamwork Rating: 6/10

Leadership Opportunity: 6/10

Age Range: 12+

Activity Time: 20 Minutes

Set Up Time: 5 Minutes

Equipment Requirements: Low



Another staple team building game at CSB but brings a lot of value for not a lot of set up time. similarly to the Human Knot, it is probably not substantial enough to be an activity on its own (a good insert for Amazing Race in Big Activities) but is a good addition to other activities or as a quick challenge to get everyone up and moving.

The idea

While you and your team are out walking you come across a river of lava (Oh no!), it is probably the same one you crossed in Crossing the River but his time there are no stepping stones only a pair of magic shoes. The problem with the shoes is that they can only be worn by each person once, after that they are no good. As well as that, they are to heavy to throw so they cannot be thrown from one side of the river to the other but must be worn. Using this information the team must get everyone from one side to the other.

what you need

  • Two markers - ideally cones or rope set about 10-15 meters apart to represent your river.
  • A hat to show who is wearing the shoes is optional

The method

It usually doesn't take teams too long to work out that the only way to get across the river with the shoes and be able to bring them back for the next person is to have someone first go across wearing the shoes carrying someone who can then wear them back. The tricky bit is that the person who wore the shoes back is then still on the original side but has used up their go with the shoes. What ends up having to happen is that the team has to designate people to carry more than one person at once so they key is to realise this early so that you save the strongest people to carry more than one person and have the lightest people be in the groups that have to be carried with someone else.

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