Super Battle Trivia Fun Time KAPOW!



Enjoyment Factor: 9/10

Teamwork Rating: 8/10

Leadership Opportunity:7/10

Age Range: 14+

Activity Time: 2 Hours

Set Up Time: 45 Minutes

Equipment Requirements: Medium



What is Super Battle Trivia Fun Time KAPOW!?

Super Battle Trivia Fun Time KAPOW! is based on the format of a gameshow with teams competing against each other through various rounds and the winning team being the one with the most points by the final round. The game can be played with almost any size of group (15 – 150) as long as they are split up into teams of 8-10 people. Each team needs a counsellor as well to act as a mentor. There are ten rounds for the teams to work through and the order the rounds are played in is selected at random by the winning team from the previous round. The game is an excellent activity to use when groups need a bit of a rest from intense physical activity but still want to develop team-working strengths while having a lot of fun. Once the components of the appendix are collected together in a kit the game provides an excellent way of keeping groups entertained during a rainy day.


Why You Should Play Super Battle Trivia Fun Time KAPOW!

Super Battle Trivia Fun Time KAPOW! Is a brilliantly fun activity that will get teams working together and communicating, while creating lasting bonds. The game is a wonderful activity to include in a leadership development program that lets the participants have a lot of fun while still improving the characteristics that allow a team to be successful. The intended learning outcomes are:

1.    To realise the value of clear communication even in hectic and time pressured situations.

2.    To build bonds of friendship within a team that can be carried onto more challenging activities.

3.    To demonstrate the importance of working together as a team and create common strategies.


what do you get?

  • Detailed instructions describing everything you need to know to successfully run Super Battle Trivia Fun Time KAPOW!

  • Comprehensive appendix with all the handouts and print forms to be able to run the activity immediately.

  • An incredibly fun activity that provides excellent learning outcomes to be an important component of a leadership development program as well as being able to double as a unique and exciting rainy day activity.



For a complete set of instructions explaining everything you need to know to run Super Battle Trivia Fun Time KAPOW! download the following PDF file: Super Battle Trivia Fun Time KAPOW!

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