I want every person who works towards giving young people the confidence and skills to become a leader to have access to the resources that can help make that goal a reality.


The Mission

Youth Leadership Resources has a simple aim: Put the best resources in the hands of those that can have the biggest impact with them. Team building activities exist all over the world and have done so for decades. That being said I have always found that many of the best ideas and programs exist only at one site or location or in the skill set of a particular group of leaders. Youth workers all over world work towards the goal of providing social benefit, whether this be through leadership programs, seminars or engaging activities. So many people working in this environment are creating activities that would be of huge value to as many participants as possible. YLR creates a bridge between the creators of exciting and engaging programs and the people who can put them to use. This site is a platform for future program directors and counsellors alike to find and share resources that really enhance the characteristics of a leader and the factors that make up a strong team.

The Layout

It was a difficult tasking working out how to separate all of the different activities into a format that makes it easy to find the kind of activity you are looking for. In the end I went with simple:

Premium Activities: The actives categorised in this section are the ones that really stand out from the crowd and have taken a number of years to develop. All Premium Activities have been designed and created by experienced camp professionals and proven to deliver excellent results. The activities generally require at least 90 minutes of game time but most take between 2-3 hours. They deliver fantastic value and a unique experience for your campers with all being very customisable to fit whatever infrastructure you have available.

Standard Activities: For the most part the activities contained here are well known classics that can be either used as time fillers, icebreakers, quick instructional games or as part of bigger activities. I include them because many of the more complex games use components of the standard activities.  They range in time from ten minutes to 90 minutes and typically require little set up. That being said they are still great fun and have a huge amount of value.

Activity Finder: Often when deciding on an activity to use for a group a specific set of parameters needs to be met. The Activity Finder page summarises each activity into key elements from the time required or equipment levels to the leadership development opportunities. If you don't have time to read every activity to find the one for you then this page allows you to quickly and easily find the activity for you.

The material in the above categories is enough to create a fully fledged leadership development program for all ages and each activity can be customised and combined with others to create a completely different challenge.